Qatar’s Healthcare Market

The Healthcare sector in Qatar ranks the 1st in the Arab world, with the sector expected to gain prominence as medical tourism is set to be one of the major drivers of the country’s economic diversification strategy. Consequently, the healthcare industry has experienced unprecedent levels of growth and is estimated to reach $12 billion by 2024.

Furthermore, the growth of investment in the sector aligns with the human development pillar of Qatar National Vision (QNV) 2030, expressing Qatar’s ambition to develop a healthy population, physically and mentally. This was accompanied by developing and upgrading the existing healthcare services with investments in state-of-the-art healthcare infrastructures, facilities and technologies.


Aspetar is the first specialized Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Hospital in the Gulf region. It provides the highest possible medical treatment for sports-related injuries in a state-of-the-art facility, staffed by some of the world’s leading sports medicine practitioners and researchers.

Primary Health Care Corporation health centers

The Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC) is the premier non-profit primary health care provider in Qatar. It’s dedicated to being the leader in transforming the health and wellbeing of people’s lives in Qatar by operating and managing different Health Centers across Qatar.

Ministry of Public Health eHealth initiatives

Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) has been moving in a strategic direction to provide improved healthcare services by innovative and modern information systems, technologies and digital solutions that meet the needs of end-users, healthcare providers, healthcare professionals, regulators, and others. 


An expanding middle class and an ageing population across the globe provide a fertile ground for the growth of the pharmaceuticals market.  Qatar’s major investment in medical infrastructure and R&D, alongside a well-established legal framework and access to talented professionals provides a highly lucrative business environment for foreign investors seeking opportunities in the pharmaceutical market.